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Sample Savings with ScriptSquareJust a small sample of the savings available when you use our coupons on popular medications.

Medication Estimated Cash Price ScriptSquare Coupon Price* Instant Savings %
Cymbalta $260.30 $48.45 81%
Viagra $347.14 $30.15 91%
Prevacid $205.50 $32.35 84%
Vicodin $81.21 $36.53 55%
Neurontin $57.95 $21.68 63%
Abilify $1442.14 $80.89 94%
Xanax $92.68 $36.78 60%
Zoloft $49.59 $21.50 57%
Flomax $101.43 $31.67 69%
Adderall $452.22 $163.69 64%

*Savings vary by prescription and pharmacy

Frequently Asked Questions

When a prescription copay is expensive, use ScriptSquare to explore saving some money at a pharmacy that’s convenient. And even if it isn’t expensive, give ScriptSquare a look. Those dollars you save can add up to big savings over the course of the year.

ScriptSquare cannot be used in conjunction with Medicare, Medicaid or any other government health plan.

Not necessary — just use the ScriptSquare savings card provided when you go to pay at your pharmacy of choice. The ScriptSquare savings card is used in place of insurance.

All you have to do is call the new pharmacy that you choose and ask them to transfer. Be sure you have the prescription details handy, they will take that information over the phone. Typically the transfer process is initiated the same day.

Ask them to use the number (Member ID, BIN, PCN, Rx Group) on the savings card in place of those from your insurance card.

No, it does not count toward your deductible.


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